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trophy hunting in alaska

Brown Bear

Spring and Fall hunts available and we offer Interior Grizzlies, as well as Brown Bears. We do spot and stalk hunts as well as hunt over bait. We have taken two brown bears with skulls over 27 inches in the last few years. Many of our hunts are from comfortable cabins and can be combined with a black bear hunt in the spring.

Black Bear

Spring and Fall we do spot and stalk as well as baited hunts for black bear. Our baited hunts are out of our camp. We have comfortable blinds as well as cabins for sleeping and cooking. Trophies are up to 7 ½ ft.; This is a great spring hunt when combined with a Brown bear.

Dall Sheep

August 10th-September 20th We hunt sheep in the Alaska Range. Our guiding concession gives us access to some great country that is out of reach to all other guides. You do not need to draw a tag to hunt sheep in our area. All of our sheep hunts are backpack hunts which take us into some remote and spectacular areas. Additional animals can be added to your sheep hunt for those with the time and energy.


Hunts are August through September, our caribou trophies have been stellar in recent years. The herds are thriving and the numbers are on the increase.





September, we had some fantastic moose seasons lately in the Alaska Range. We killed a 70" whopper and many others in the 60s. Other hunters took grizzlies or other animals while on their moose hunt. Trophies are 50'+; Our moose can be combined with sheep, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, wolf, or wolverine.


Elusive predators with a high bag limit. These hunts are usually in combination with other Alaskan Trophies.

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Thanks for your expert services and EFFORT you offer to your hunters. I enjoyed the hunt very much. You both run a top notch operation. I am very happy with my trophy Dall's Sheep!

- Mike


Sheep: August/September

Caribou: August/September

Moose: August and September

Bear: All Year



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